This Spring, STRIPES are making a comeback

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Stripes are a fashion essential. Whether we are in a rush, in need of an outfit to work for two different occasions or we just want to get creative with a clash of prints, this particular pattern will always do the trick. It’s refreshing when something that we need on a daily basis becomes trendy again. This spring, people with remarkable vision and talent like Marc Jacobs or Oscar de la Renta emphasize the various ways in which stripes can be worn.

This seems like a really great season to invest in pieces that will stay in your closet for a long time. I, for one, love how stripes can give a funky twist to my scholar uniform and we cannot forget about the thin effect. Now, you might wonder where is the novelty of this trend and that’s why I made a list with a few pointers on how to wear stripes this season:

1. Horizontal and vertical – This spring, you will still find these two familiar styles of stripes. The fun part is how the designers suggest us to wear it: print clash. You don’t even have to purchase something, I’m sure you have a T-shirt or something which can be matched in the most eclectic way (I will go for stripes and florals, that’s for sure). As Mr. Einstein used to say:
“Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.”

2. A different…angle- 45 degrees or less, that is the key of the stripes pattern this spring. I am really excited to see skirts or dresses like this hit the store, because I have no idea whether they flatter the body or not, or what the proper lenght for this kind of piece would be. I can’t remember if I have ever seen this kind of print commercialized on a large scale, I have great expectations from my favourite stores.
3. Two types of stripes- one dress. The idea of a light dress with a horizontal striped bust and the rest made of all sorts of different stripes is omnipresent. I find this combination refreshing and unique, and I cannot wait to get myself one, because I believe it will be great for both casual and formal events, if accessorized properly.
Now, I leave you with my favourite choices when it comes to striped clothes, all from Topshop and with a photo of the screensaver on my Ipad , that perfect dress I was talking about earlier, from Oscar de la Renta, just so you can see the marvelous way that different types of stripes come together in a flawless harmony:Photo source

Author: Mary Manaila


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