The Statement Necklace: a smart investment & spring must-have

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Mademoiselle Chanel used to say that ‘fashion is made to become unfashionable’ and when you are a teenager on a fixed budget, things can get a little tricky. Unfortunately, we usually end up buying what the heart wants (influenced by the trends and magazines sometimes) and not what the brain knows is right and needed in our closet at the time. Ever since last summer, when mint color was the hottest thing and I erratically purchased not less than five mint dresses, I decided I should have the notion of smart shopping. Smart shopping doesn’t mean ‘boring, abstinent and prudent shopping’ , it is in fact the ability to foresee what trendy item can be matched with many things you already own and which you can still see yourself wearing in the next couple years.

I first noticed the ‘statement necklace’ trend in the February 2012 issue of Vogue Paris, which featured a very interesting editorial with unique necklaces combined. I was charmed to see how a very simple outfit could look so well put together with a necklace or how you could also wear a bold print with this kind of jewellery. I wasn’t able to name this movement but I saw many magazines had a similar approach until the Trend Report of Spring 2012 included special collar and choker style necklaces.

The high street retailers welcomed the trend and soon Zara had a whole line , with an impressive variety of colors, rhinestones and styles. It has been an year ever since the madness started and you can still see new versions everywhere. In fact, this spring statement necklaces are still IN. This made me question the nature of this long-lasting trend and I soon got the hang of it: it allows designers and brands to express in a new way. When the neon trend settled in for example, I was able to find in my favourite shops ten chokers, all different and beautiful. The same rule applied for the golden jewellery trend or the studs. The retailers are not the only ones in advantage: a statement necklace makes us feel confident, represents our true nature and mood when we wear an outfit. It can also be worn with a casual ensemble, like I am wearing above or with a party dress. Moreover, you can get creative with the prints as you don’t have to wear it only with simple blouses.

Now we are finally getting to the exciting part: finding the right necklace for you. Here are some tips to have fun in the process:

1. Remember to be careful on how the necklace fits you and double-check the quality because you want to feel confident when you wear it and have it for a long time.

2. Don’t spend a fortune! It’s not made of gold or silver, so you don’t want to pay more than it is worth just because it’s ‘cool’. I have made a little selection of affordable necklaces you can find at Zara, H&M, Forever21, Topshop.

3. Do It Yourself – the internet is crowded with fancy tutorials on how to make your own statement necklace. If you have the right skills and a nice shop in your town which sells unique rhinestones, go for it! This way, you can be sure it says something about you and that nobody else has it.

4. Recycle – the key of this trend is actually the lenght of the necklace and the size of the beads. I have a beautiful necklace which I somehow managed to adjust and now it basically screams ‘statement necklace’. You can also paint an old one in a different color combination or add some gems.

I am currently the happy owner of four statement necklaces on which I spent a reasonable amount of money and I feel proud that, for once, I was able to see the importance of a jewellery investment. You should definetely go ‘necklace-hunting’ this spring, it will be so fun, trust me!

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