Color of the year: EMERALD

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The legendary Diana Vreeland believed that “lighting is everything in a color” and the flawless reflexions of emerald, the color of this year, declared by Pantone, definetely prove that her theories are always accurate.

No matter how much we try to only focus on essentials, once a new season settles in, we can’t fight it: there is always a special shade, reinvented or completely new , which we just have to have. The fall of 2012 meant burgundy, now it’s time for emerald green to shine!

Everyone knows how fabulous an emerald necklace can be, but few can afford it. The price and the fact that you are a teenager and you can’t find an occasion to wear such extravagant jewellery made emerald seem inaccessible until now. Expect an emerald invasion in the next few months! The affordable high street stores
will be your best allies, yet you have to take some things into consideration:

1. Study the market– Once you have decided that you cannot go through this spring without a fancy emerald item, don’t buy it from the first place you see one! As this shade will be one of the stars, every store will have some central pieces so there will be a great variety of clothes.

2. I like it, but it doesn’t flatter me– Some colors just don’t suit us, and you have to understand this fact and own it! Luckily, there are some tricks so that you can sport emerald as well: buy some fancy flats, some cool arm candy or a bag in this color. How so? Usually it’s a dress or a top that doesn’t flatter your figure, so you just have to wear some accents.

3. Double-check your wardrobe– Oh, the playful designers, they tend to reinvent a color once in a while! Maybe it was called different, or maybe you have worn something so much the color wore off, bought it from a flea market or your mom bought it when she was your age- voila, you have a beautiful emerald piece of clothing! The dress from H&M you see me wearing above is a fab number I got last summer, when this color didn’t have a proper name.

4. You can never go wrong with a party dress – You don’t have to follow the trends when you attend the party, it’s all about looking fabulous and feeling good in a smart attire. I don’t mind wearing my mint dress at a birthday party, regardless of the color of the moment.

5. Mind the matching tones – I would definetely go with neutrals like tan or beige to emphasize the emerald. Black is also a good idea and if you’re wearing an emerald dress you should go for golden jewellery. Red and this kind of green is not a flattering combination in my opinion, it reminds too much of Christmas decorations.

I made a selection with some emerald essentials from Forever21, H&M and VeroModa, super affordable and I am certain that in March we are going to see a lot of it in our favourite stores.

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Author: Mary Manaila


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